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Tea- Kidney/Liver Detox

Kidney/ Liver Detox
With the importance of our liver and kidneys, we wanted to share a tea that addresses issues that many people are dealing with. We use organic nettle leaf which contains many nutrients and helps reduce inflammation, can help lower blood pressure, and aid in blood sugar control. We also use organic pomegranate a great source of antioxidants and vitamin C to help with: Cancer prevention, Alzheimer's disease protection, Digestion, Inflammation, Arthritis, and heart disease.
Add one to two teaspoons of powder into a mug, add 6-8 oz of hot to boiling water. Let cool for 5 min and enjoy!
2.43 oz per bag
7-14 day Supply (suggest using 1 teaspoon each use = 14 days)
Made in USA
Caffeine Free